Air Innovations Humidifiers

Air surrounds us everywhere, and its parameters have a direct impact on many processes in animate and inanimate nature. One of the most important parameters of air is its humidity. The air, as the gas mixture can contain a certain amount of water (as water vapor).

The amount of water that can be contained in the air (per unit volume or weight of air), is not constant and depends (mostly) on the air temperature. Humidity divided into absolute (the amount of moisture in kg contained in a unit volume or weight of air at the current time) and relative (measured as a percentage and represents the absolute humidity of the air at the moment, divided by the theoretical maximum under the given parameters of air absolute humidity).Normal (comfort) for man relative humidity is 40% -70%, however, not always the air around us has such moisture. For example, in winter, the cold outdoor air contains a very small amount of moisture (at low outdoor temperature, the air’s ability to retain moisture too low). The relative humidity of outdoor air, thus, can be quite high. But, entering into the living room, the air is heated, its ability to hold moisture is increased, and the amount of moisture remains the same as in outdoor air. As a result the relative humidity is reduced to absolutely uncomfortable amounts (below 20%). Such air parameters lead to the dryness of the mucous membranes of a person, to hurt one’s eyes, scratchy throat, reduced resistance to infections, and a growing number of diseases. Low relative humidity has other negative effects. Can crack wood furniture, flooring, plants suffer, greatly increases the amount of static electricity, which is dangerous for electronics. In the production of many technical processes are also sensitive to the level of relative humidity.


Among the examples are the printing industry, warehouses, paper, wood products, tobacco products, food industry, production of electronic components and etc. etc. Thus, the ability to adjust the relative humidity is very useful, and often necessary. Humidification – the process of artificially increasing the amount of moisture contained in a unit volume or weight of air and, due to this, the increase of relative humidity. Humidification is carried out using the devices, systems, devices, called a humidifier. Basic principles and methods of humidification. Modern humidifiers are based, typically, on one of the following principles.