Atomizers and Disk humidifiers

Atomizers The principle of operation of the atomizer in something similar to the working principle of ultrasonic humidifiers. The difference between them mainly lies in the method of formation of water mist. In the atomizers water mist is formed either by blowing air under high pressure through the water through the nozzle or direct water spray from nozzles under pressure.

Due to the similarity of the principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages of atomizers and ultrasonic humidifiers are also similar. Additionally, we note quite a noticeable level of noise during operation of the atomizer.

Disk humidifiers The principle of operation of disk humidifiers are based on spraying water by using centrifugal forces of a rotating disk to a fine spray. Typically, disk humidifiers have lower maximum performance than humidifiers listed above. The advantages of disk humidifiers include low consumption of energy when compared with atomizers and ultrasonic humidifiers.


Additionally it should be noted that all types of modern humidifiers currently represent a fairly sophisticated device, equipped with modern efficient equipment and control valves. In varying degrees, moisturizers sensitive to the quality of water used and require periodic maintenance to prolong its service life.